Tourist Attraction in Odhisa

Odhisa- welcome to the land of formidable history and rich legacy of culture

A land boasting formidable history, cultural legacy and featuring exceptional natural beauty, Odisha is one of the eastern provinces in India. The soil that gave birth to the celebrated Oddisi dance style, Odisha is also famous for the display of the gems of ancient architecture.

The prime attractions for the tourists at Odisha

Bhubneshwar- the “city of temples”, Bhubneswar is the state capital to Odhisa. The city welcomes the tourists with sites like the Lingaraja and the Brahmeshwar Temple, the Cave site of Udaigiri, the Zoological Park of Nandankanan, the Bindu Sarovar and the Tiger Reserve project at Satkosia. The tourist must visit the Netaji Museum, which is the birthplace of Netaji Subhash Cnadra Bose, the Mahanadi Barrage and the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary at Cuttuck. The wildlife sanctuaries of Ushakothi, Badarama and Khalasuni are the prime attractions in Sambalpur. Puri is the holy pilgrimage for the Hindus, housing the temple of Lord Jagannath.  The ancient Sun Temple at Konark uphold the state of excellence achieved during the ancient times.

Why Odisha is a preferred destination for the tourists?

Odisha houses ravishing beaches along the Bay of Bengal, there are numbers of wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests. You even get the attractions like hilly stations in Odisha. Aside, the state holds a ravishing scenic beauty and magical landscapes. Odisha is an important site of pilgrimage.

How to reach?

  • Air route- the Bijju Pattanaik Air terminal at Bhubneshwar is connected with the major cities of the country through regular flights.
  • Railway Route- The railway station at Bhubneshwar is an important junction in the railway frame of the Country. Several important trains pass through the Bhubneshwar junction.
  • The National highways 5, 6, 23 as well as 42 & 43 runs through the state of Odisha connecting it with the other parts of the country.