Tourist Attraction in Meghalaya

Meghalaya- the Cloud’s abode  along the northeastern flans of India

“The cloud’s abode”, Meghalaya lies along the northeastern Fortier of India and it marks the international border of India with Bangladesh. It would not be the slightest of the exaggeration in stating that Meghalaya would be among the most beautiful state in India. The scenic beauty is just breath-stopping and the combination of the waterfalls, ravishing mountains as well as the river, set against a cloudy backdrop makes it heavenly.

What are the prime tourist attractions at Meghalaya?

  • Shilong- set among a series of rolling hills, Shilong is the capital of the state of Meghalaya. The prime attractions are the Shilong pea, the Elephant Falls, Wards Lake and the Golf course.
  • Cherrapunji- conferred the status of the “wettest place in the world”, Cherrapunji is famous for its yield of oranges. You must visit the 7 sisters falls which is incredibly beautiful.
  • Jowai- the spot would come at the list of the most beautiful places in Meghalaya and this hill station would welcome you with a tranquil and peaceful ambiance to give you complete rejuvenation. A famous site for tourism, Jowai is the place to explore the Nature. The Thadlaskien Lake is the prime destination for the tourist in this hilly city.

Why the tourists flock to Meghalaya?

The mesmerizing natural beauty, the magical landscapes, ravishing waterfalls, Lakes and rivers are the major crowd pullers to Meghalaya. The serene and tranquil ambiance and the comfortable climate had made the state a dream tourist destination.

How access the land?

The Shilong air terminal is connected with the international airport in Kolkata. If you are travelling via the train, the nearest railway station would be in Guwahati, that is almost at a distance of 100 KM. You would get flocks of buses and private cars running between the Shilong and Guwahati.