Tourist Attraction in Lakshadweep Islands

Tour to Lakshdweep Islands

Why visit Lakshadweep Islands:

Dive in to the crytal clear waters; relax at the pristine beaches and enjoy beholding and experiencing the diverse flora and fauna of the region. A visit to the Lakshadweep islands, the archipelago nestled in the vast expanse of the Arabian sea,  promises to be a rewarding one.

Tourist attractions in Lakshadweep Islands:

The Coral heaven is the most known for its sun-soaked beaches. Minicoy islands, Agatti islands and Kavaratti islands offer a wonderful delight to their visitors. A variety of water sports is also on offer here. Scuba-diving can be enjoyed from Kalpeni islands to interact with over 1500 corals and around 2000 varieties of fish; the 300-foot tall lighthouse at Minicoy is worth the spectacle; the fish hatchery at Agatti is a good lesson in marine life; some amazing time can be spent canoeing (available at Minicoy) in the turquoise waters with a view of turtles, fish and corals in the clear water. Kite surfing at Kadamat islands is also a great option.

Culture, Cuisine, Flora & Fauna

Lakshadweep islands house a diverse variety of flora and fauna including corals and about 2000 varities of fish. Hermit crab at parelli islands and turtles in the clear, blue waters must not be missed. Due to being nestled away from the city life, tribal populations dominate this region. They engage in fishing, tuna export and coconut cultivation which the traveller might want to learn from locals. The tribes are friendly. One must not miss the sumptuous sea food fare including beans curry, coconut rice and octopus fry.

How to reach Lakshadweep:

Ship cruises ply from Kochi to Agatti both ways. One can also take one of the flights that operate between Agatti Island and Kochi in Kerala.