Tourist Attraction In Karnataka


Why visit Karnataka:

This south western state of India is a derivative of the erstwhile princely state of Mysore. Offering a glimpse of a very rich cultural heritage, architectural wonders and natural scenic beauties, Karnataka is a great tour destination. Being a coastal state it is adorned by beaches which aren’t too frequented by travellers and thus, kept safe from vandalism.

Tourist attractions in Karnataka:

One must visit the Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore and the beautiful, regal Mysore Palace in Mysore apart from other Churches, palaces and lakes. Located within the Vijaynagar ruins, Hampi is a world heritage site and the history buffs must make it a point to mark it on their itineries. Coorg is located on the hills of western ghats and known for its coffee plantations. One must also visit the Buddhist monasteries there. Bijapur has various historical monuments and forts which must not be missed either.

Climate, Culture and Cuisine:

While Bangalore is famous for its favourable weather, most of the state faces the tropical climate. However, hilly regions like Coorg are much needed respites. Kannada is the local language spoken by the people and one might consider a basic tutorial in the same before travelling to Karnataka as it shall come in handy. The Kannada cuisine is one of the most ancient cuisine that is still not lost. A liberal spread of the Mangalore sambar, idly, rasam, rava dosa and vadas are a must.

How to reach Karnataka:

The Bangaluru airport is well connected with Indian as well as a few international cities. The Bajpe airport at Mangalore also connects the state to Mumbai, Bangaluru and Chennai. Interstate buses as well as private coaches do well at connecting Karnataka to bordering states. The rail network connectivity is also good.