Tourist Attraction in Bihar

Bihar- the soil that holds the holy memory of Lord Buddha  

The stage for the most glorious days in the history of India, the land that witnessed the establishment of the democratic government as early as in the Licchavi era, the soil that gave birth to the first ever residential universities of the world, Bihar is a state in India that is closely associated with the holy memory of Gautam Buddha.

What are the attractions for the tourist at Bihar?

  • Nalanda University- the excavated ruins of the first-ever residential university of the world accounts for the rich academic and cultural legacy of the country.
  • The Bodhi tree- the holy Bodhi tree is the divine place where Siddhartha got enlightened to become Lord Buddha. The spot lies at a separation of 100 KM from the state capital of Patna.
  • The Hot spring at RaJgir- a natural spring holding hot water is an attraction for the tourists that visits Rajgir.
  • Buxar Fort- the ancient fort lies on the banks of the river Ganges. The carvings on the ceiling and the walls account for the mastery attained in the domain of architecture.
  • Patna Museum- located in the state capital, the museum houses the collection on sculptors, books, statues and images of the ancient times.

Why should you visit Bihar

Bihar features incredible scenic beauty, variation  in land forms, innumerable edifices from the historical times that are worth to pay a visit. It is among the most pictorial states in India and an ideal place for exploring the natural beauty.

How to reach Bihar?

The state capital Patna houses an airport that is connected with the major domestic air terminals through regular flight services. You can reach the state capital Patna through the railway route that is networked with all the major stations in the country. You can even avail the road transportation from the surrounding states to reach Patna or the other important cities in the state. The state capital is in turn connected with the other rail yards and the bus terminal within the state.