Tourist Spots in Assam

Assam- a portion of heaven lying between the Nilachal range and the Brahmaputra

May it be the exotic scenic beauty or the rich cultural heritage of the place, a trip to Assam would reward you a wonderful vacation. The state is considered parallel to the beauty of Kashmir with the magical hill & valleys, mesmerizing landscapes and the ravishing show along the banks of the Brahmaputra.  Aside, the state boast extensive variations in terms the ethnicity, culture, flora and fauna.

The rewards for visiting Assa

Few of the Key attractions for the tourists  in Assam are:

  • Kaziranga National Park- The world heritage site houses species of animals like the tiger, rhinoceros, elephant, deer and Indian bison. Hence, it is the spot to relish the wildlife.
  • Agnigarh Hill- Having mythological legends associated with this site of forts, this is a place to appreciate the ancient architectural gems and explore nature.
  • Kamakhya Temple- one of the major site of pilgrimage for the Hindus, the temple stands against a mesmerizing backdrop created by the Nilachal range and the vast Brahmaputra flows through the northern parts of the range. The temple is believed to be as old as 2200 years.

Aside, the cruise sailing program through the gigantic Brahmaputra River is a prime attraction for those who love aquatic entertainment.

Reasons you should visit Assam once in your lifetime

Incredible natural beauty, vibrant cultural heritage, sites of historical edifices is the major reasons that entice tourists to flock to Assam in million numbers every year. Aside, there are attractions like wildlife and aquatic entertainment. The state holds importance from the religious perspectives.

Reaching Assam

Reaching Assam would not be a matter of inconvenience as the state has a sound transportation infrastructure. The cities like Guwahati and Dubrugarh connected with all the major railway stations via the railway route. You can even fly to the air terminal at Guwahtai from the domestic airports.