Manali – A Dream Destination for Romantics!

Manali – A Dream Destination for Romantics!


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The place of beauty galore!


India is one of most preferred tourist destinations across the globe. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit India, explore Its Heritage & Culture, imbibe some cultural values and take away with them some astonishing memories that last for a lifetime. The State of Himanchal Pradesh in Northern India hills, engulfs in itself some astonishing and exotic tourist attractions in itself. Such tourist attractions not only represent the enormous wealth of Natural & scenic beauty, but also the historical and cultural values of the traditional India. The Languages spoken by people, their food habits, their modes of income and several other demographic aspects vary from place to place and regions to regions. The cultural diversity for which India is best known for is best seen in all different parts of Himanchal Pradesh. Today, you will be introduced to one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Himanchal Pradesh – MANALI. Famous for its Apple orchards, Manali is a full-of-life town based on the banks of River Beas. The picturesque valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and green pastures displaying an amazing panorama of colourful fauna and fowl that adds to one’s viewing pleasure.


The ‘Mythological’ connection!

Named after the great Sage of Hindu Mythology, Manu, Manali is considered Home of Manu. According to a legend of Hindu Mythology, after the earth was completed devastated, Manu stepped off his boat here. He then recreated ‘Life’ a new which signified a new BEGINNING for the humanity.


The Cultural Diversities!

This is a must-visit destination for all nature lovers, bird watchers and adventure enthusiasts. Manali, even though it lacksany colonial history or connections, however the charm of the town matches the likes of Simla and Mussoorie. The valley is a beautiful gamut of various tribes and languages. One can find the frequently spoken mountain-lingo by the people of Kullu and Lahauli tribes and ever-enterprising Tibetan refugees. The inhabitants of Manali are believed to be the descendants of Great Alexander’s army men. The style of handling the administrative matters of the villages and villagers depicts much resemblance to the administrative traits of Alexander the Great.


Sources of Livelihood of local residents

The people here are self-sufficient in terms of food related needs. They grow their own rice and other vegetation that well feeds them and their families. For the livelihood purposes, they sell their much famed handicrafts and also render hospitality services. They have opened guesthouses, lodges and small hotels to cater to the varying needs of the visitors and tourists. Typically, food specialities of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines are available besides the Indian and local delicacies. Big and branded hotels though, best facilitate their guests with their choice of foods and beverages.


Let’s take a ‘peek’!

There are lot of tourist attractions in and around Manali.

  • The famous temples including Hadimbha temple serve to one’s spiritual quotient. Each temple has a legend attached to it which is very interesting to learn.
  • The Buddhist monasteries also serve the great purposes of meditation and feeling one with the Almighty.
  • The trek lovers have ample of opportunities to quench their thirst for some adrenaline. The Indian and State Governments approved mountaineering institute is a boon for many aspiring mountaineers.

For couples and Honeymooners, the ROMANCE never subsides in Manali. Truly, the aura of the surroundings and the demeanour of the atmosphere spells a magic of romance in the air, much to the joy of lovers. The chirping birds, the colourful butterflies and lady birds add to the perseverance of the inherited beauty of romance and love. During the winter season, though the weather is freezing cold, the warmth of love and romance makes way for the best of memories for couples and honeymooners.

  • The beautiful and exotic Solang valley showcases the best panoramic and picturesque beauty of the Nature. Adventure sports like para-gliding can surely boost up that excitement and oneness of ‘soul mates’.
  • Venturing out to the nearby hill towns like Kufri and Kullu and staying in tree houses promises to bring out a bundle of joy and romance for the couples. Kullu, especially when visited during the days of ‘Dusshera’ is a visual treat for all. People from all nukes an corners of the earth visit this town during ‘Dusshera’ as for its ethnic display of Cultural Heritage.
  • For snow loving honeymooners, Rohtang pass is a place to be. This snow covered pass is both a strategic and diplomatic location, located on the highway to Leh. Opened for tourists from June to October/November, Rohtang pass offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks and glaciers to the visitors. One witnessing the first snowfall of the season will surely be spell bound for a long time. This is a place which surely kindles all romantic emotions in humans!


At your service – 24 x 7!

There are many such tourist attractions in and around Manali. If you are planning a vacation here, the Team Tourist spots in India can happily suggest some best travel plans to you. Our best travel partners may devise travel plans for you which will certainly fit in your budget and give you the full value of your money. You may fill the contact form or choose to write us an e-mail at                    . You can also call us at +91 -                    to know more about our wonderful travel calendar.

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