kedar talIf you are an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva then don't miss the chance to visit Kedartal. Also known as Lord Shiva's Lake,Its basically a glacial lake situated at an altitude of 4,750m (15,600 feet) in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in India. The lake is constantly fed by the snowfall over Thalay Sagar which is situated at an altitude of about 6,904m, Meru which is again at a height of about 6,672m and Bhrigupanth (6,772m) and other surrounding peaks.It is the source of Kedar Ganga, which in Hindu mythology is considered to be Shiva's contribution to Bhagirathi (a source-stream of the Ganges).Why we all tell you to visit this place ? Because its a famous trekking destination situated at a distance of about 17km from the Gangotri.

Now the route to it is quite tricky.It involves a steep rocky climb starting from the Gangotri which is one of the four holy shrines of the Hindus along the confined Kedar Ganga gorge en route to Bhojkharak which is approximately 8 km away. From there it's 4 km walk to the next available camping site of Kedarkharak, and a further 5 km walk to Kedartal.


Quite a lot of trekking right?Don't worry,your immense hard work won't go to waste as you will invariably pass through scenic Himalayan birch forests, but is made perilious in some places by the never-ending presence of falling rocks, high altitude and segments of steep ascent.The trek maybe a bit strenuous but nothing is ever achieved withous some compromise and the best time to visit this place and undergo such a trek maybe in the months of may to october. The declining presence of bushes to grasses and then small patches of them found occasionally in between some rocks as you slowly gain altitude and to be able to visualise the ultimate setting of a serene lake surrounded by silvery white snow cladded peaks is definitely worth your time.