Kanheri caves: An antiquated story left untold

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kanheri caves by tourist spots in indiaFor Mumbaikars, the Kanheri holes have for quite some time been a most loved spot to get a long way from the madding swarm, with the old Buddhist structures on a slope at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park offering highly required peacefulness, even as you take in a bird's-eye perspective of the clamouring city beneath.

Nonetheless, in spite of its noteworthy noteworthiness and satisfactory support, the site is not among Mumbai's most prominent vacationer destinations, with most guests rushing to spots, for example, Gateway of India, Juhu Chowpatty, Elephanta holes and Mahalaxmi sanctuary, as indicated by an as of late directed state tourism overview.

While openness might be one reason for this, with SGNP situated in Borivli in the most distant north of Mumbai, the caverns additionally need different components expected to help sightseers comprehend them better.

Kanheri, credited with the biggest number of cavern unearthings on a solitary slope, is a ticketed landmark secured by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Be that as it may, at the ticket counter, no handouts or data flyers are accessible to help sightseers know more about the structures.

There is only one board at the passageway that gives points of interest of the holes and their significance, however from that point on, the voyagers are all alone.

There are no sheets, official or even private advisers for clarify the historical backdrop of every hollow, and without handouts and sound aides, no probability for vacationers to have an independently directed stroll through the structures.

Subsequently, most guests just saunter around the site, clicking pictures and getting a charge out of the perspective.

"It's an exceptionally very much looked after structure, and it fondles quiet to be here, far from the uninteresting of the city, yet I would have certainly gotten a kick out of the chance to know more regarding why the Kanheri caverns are critical for Buddhism, and what every hole implies," said Rohan Pataskar, who is initially from Pune and works in Mumbai's monetary administrations part.

As indicated by the ASI site, Buddhism initially touched base in Aparantha (western India) at Sopora, which is near Kanheri. A percentage of the collapses Kanheri go back to mid third century BC, and were in occupation till almost eleventh century AD.

The structures even discover notice in the travel logs of early guests, for example, the Portugese in the sixteenth century and different voyagers from Europe.

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