dodital trekkingNow we come to Dodital. Previously it was Lord Shiva,Now its Lord Ganesha and dodital also known as Dodi Lake or Dhundhi Tal is the lake of Lord Ganesha. Situated at a comparatively lower altitude of about 3024m in the north of Uttarkashi.


The trek for this lake is relatively easier and it commences from Uttarkashi or Kalyani, both approachable by road.Then you set foot from Kalyani to Agoda which is a steady moderate climb through woods, fields and villages along a mule track.Now the final trek from Agoda to Dodital is a steep one and it is through dense thick forests. The lake filled with crystal clear water are surrounded by dense oak woods, pine, deodar and even certain stretches of rhododendrons. The lake is also full of Brown Trout fish and is also known for the Himalayan Golden Trout.


The lake is surrounded by the forest and it has amazing scenic beauty. Yes! time to even get more pumped up about this because it even provides an ideal set up for rest and recreational activities like angling, boating and bird-watching. The best time to visit this charming,mystical lake would definitely be during the summer months of april to june cause during winter trekking becomes difficult due to the snow and during monsoon you may just find yourself getting stuck due to blocked roads and landslides instead of trekking.Nevertheless,don't be bewildered if you get astounded by this lake's beauty.