Delhi - where the warm hearted belong to!

Delhi - where the warm hearted belong to!

As mentioned in the previous article – “Amazing India!”, Its time now to give a good look on the various tourist destinations in the Northern Indian Region. Besides, Delhi, the Capital State and City of India, there are numerous other States in North India which comprise of some exotic and famed tourist attractions. You will be provided a scenic descriptions of all such major tourist attractions. In this feature, you will get to know more about Delhi. So, get ready to explore “DilwaalonkiDilli!” (Delhi – where the warm hearted belong to!).


A ‘peep’ into the past!

Delhi, the Capital State and City is located in the heart of India. During the visit of King George VI in 1911, Delhi was officially named and designated as the Capital City. Also known by its ancient name – ‘Indraprastha’, meaning the abode of Indra, the King of all Gods and the God of rain. According to the ‘Mahabharat’, Indraprastha was founded by Pandavas during the period of Mahabharat. The old fort in the City was built in the strategic vicinity of Hastinapur (the mainstay of Mahabharat).


Way to GO!

Currently, the boating in the lake inside the old fortarea and the Temple of God Bhairon Baba along with the Delhi zoological park make this Central Delhi location a great tourist attraction. Just adjacent to Old Fort, the National Science Centre and PragatiMaidan highlight the might of India in the fields of Science & Technology and Business Economy..In the centremost part of the City, the India Gate and RashtrapatiBhawan (the President’s Estate) signify the grandeur of the erstwhile British rule in India. The commercial arena divided into inner and outer circles of Rajeev Chowk (earlier known as Connaught Place) is also a great reminiscentof the British Raj days. The nearby JantarMantar monument describes the genius of Indian astronomy in making celestial calculations.The Birla Mandir and KaaliBaari are another places of high distinction for the religious.


Glittering Heritage!

The famed ‘Walled City’ brings up the heritage caricature of the periods of the erstwhile Mughal and British Empires. The Great& Grand Red Fortsymbolizes the peak of golden period of Akbar the Great during the Mughal Empire. This is the same place from where the current Prime Minister of Republic of India, addresses the Nation on the occasion of its Independence Day on 15th August every year. Bang opposite the Red Fort is the world famous ChandniChowk area. This is the hub of mouth-watering foods & beverages, besides being the place depicting cultural mix of heritage places and commercial aspects. The famed Paraanthewaaligali (the breads’ lane) is literally crowded from the time of its opening till closure for the day. ChandniChowk also lures people for its exquisite dress material. From kids wear to bridal wear, one gets every kind of dress material here; the savoury chaat-pakodi adds great flavour to the shopping phenomenon as well! The grocery items and dry fruits markets of ChandniChowk are famous for their exquisite and high quality dry fruits and grocery items. The Gauri-Shankar Temple followed by the GurdwaraSheeshganj, a catholic church and the Great Mosque at the end of the road signify the main strength of India – ‘Unity in Diversity’. The largest and biggest Mosque of Asia, Jama Masjid is an awesome depiction of Mughal architectural magnificence.


Fusion of Cultures!

The connecting roads to other various parts of the Capital lead to several other places that serve to tourists’ interests. On the conjunction of South and East Delhi, the sacred Dargaah of Nizam-ud-din Auliya holds a lot of importance in terms of history and cultural heritage. The Sufi music and hymns lend a great zeal of FAITH to the atmosphere! The mammoth and huge Akshardham Temple in East Delhi is a major attraction for the devotees of Lord Krishna and people throng from all parts of the world to view this monumental galore! The ISCKON Temple in South Delhi is another must-visit place for all devotees of Lord Krishna. The nearby Bahai Temple is an exemplary piece of modern architecture which gives a mixed feeling of simplicity and austerity together. The air is fresh and clean and so are the hearts of the devotees. For the foodies who love to devour typical Bengali delicacies, a ‘mini-Kolkata’ or Chittaranjan Park is a place not be missed at all.

Another exciting location for pleasure excursion in South - East Delhi is KalindiKunj. It is a wonderful picnic spot on the banks of the River Yamuna and near Okhla Barrage. This place has lots of entertainment mediums that ensure full value for money. One of the greatest and biggest symbols of architectural marvels of the Mughal empire era, the minaret of QutabMinar tells the saga of splendour that Mughal period comprised of. The Phoolwaalonkisair (the walkway amidst flowers) and the Emperor Balban’s Tomb are another monumental wonders to visit nearby QutabMinar.



No less than moons!

Delhi has two satellite cities attached with it in its National Capital Region – Noida and Gurgaon. Both are world-famed Information Technology hubs of India. In Greater Noida, the recently developed Buddha International racing Circuit has best helped etching India’s name on the Grand Prix map of the world. The arena is fully facilitated with all modern amenities and hence major racing events are witnessed here all through the year.


Connecting Best!

Delhi has two airports – Indira Gandhi International airport for international flights and Palam airport for domestic flights. Similarly five major railway stations – New Delhi, Old Delhi, HazratNizam-ud-din, Anand Vihar and Sarai Rohilla connects rest of India with Delhi. The interstate roadways connect points in Delhi are Anand Vihar, Kashmiri Gate, Sarai Kale Khan and RanaPratapBagh that cater to the India’s road connectivity with Delhi.


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