Skiing_trip_to_Dayara_Bugyal_in_UttarakhandSo to end this article,we visit our last destination which is Dayara bugyal. Bugyal in the local mountain dialect means “High Altitude Meadow”. The Dayara Bugyal trek would be one of the most beautiful treks you would ever participate in Uttarakhand is situated at an elevation ranging from 10,000 – 12,000 ft approximately. Also known as the vast meadow,if you are a skiing enthusiast then dayara bugyal provides you one of the best opportunity to encounter Alpine as well as Nordic skiing during winter months. With an area of about 28sq kms it provides you with one of the best skiing slopes in India.

You are sure going to enjoy it so to travel there during the winter months is a good opportunity which needs to be grasped with both hands. Even during the summer months you can travel there as the trek becomes much more simpler and smoother and you cannot afford to miss the lush,smooth greenery of the meadows.The trek starts from the tiny hamlet of Barsu nestled on the Haridwar-Gangothri road which is approximately 32 kms from Uttarkashi.

You can decide to settle in any one of the rest-houses in Barsu that overlooks the snowy mountains on one side and the magnificent valley on the other.Via Raithal you will reach the valley.You will be constantly accompanied by the gigantic,tall oak forests,pristine water bodies and draping grasslands.If you are lucky enough you may get to see small occasional specks of huts and even sheep grazing on the sprawling meadows overlooked by high rising mountains.You may also find streams running across the pastures and wild flowers blooming on its peripheries.If you decide to end your trekking with this destination then you will definitely be saving your best for the last.