Tourist Attraction in Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu- an incredible tourist destination along the Indian western coast

The costal enclaves of Daman and Diu lies along the western coast of India, in close proximate to Gujarat. Though, it is a union territory in concurrent times, Daman and Diu was observed as a part of Goa that became a state in 1987, giving Daman & Diu the status of a Union territory. Along with Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Dam and Diu were under the Portuguese control till 1961.

Important sites of tourist attraction

Daman & Diu is among the major tourism hubs in India. The saint Jerome Fort and the ancient church of “our Lady of Rosary” are the major attraction for the tourists. Constructed in Gothic style, the walls of the church displays frescoes by the Portuguese artists that are treat to the vision. The Satya Nagar lake garden is a celebrated place with its promenades and fountains. Aside the amusement park and the Jampore and Devka beaches, with its vibrant ambiance is truly worth of paying a visit. Turning to Diu, the attractions for the tourists are the Zampa Gateway, the Zampa waterfall and the Saint Paul’s church are the prime sites of interest for the tourists. You should not miss to visit the state museum that was the erstwhile Saint Thomas church.

What makes the tourists to flock to the tiny Indian union territory?

A trip to Daman and Diu means a single interface to relish incredible natural beauty, enjoying vibrant beaches, visits to several significant edifices as well as exploring a blending of European and Indian culture. A short stay at this union territory brings peace in mind as well as gets you a chance to spend few days in fun and enjoyment. The multi-faced culinary culture and the vibrant folk culture is among attraction that pulls domestic and international tourists to the places in very high numbers.

Connectivity to Daman & Diu

The Diu airport has regular flight connectivity with the airport in Mumbai. Vapi is the nearest railway station, separated at a distance of 10 Kilometers. Daman has easy road connectivity with major cities like Pune, Mumbai as well as Ahmadabad