Cultural Heritage Attraction in India


India has witnessed a drastic change as the time has passed. The Harrappan Culture, The civilization, The clan of the Mughals, The Britishers and The post freedom era. The Indian culture has flourished during these different beat of times. The Indian culture is said to be the oldest culture of the world and this old heritage gives us the chance to feel proud of it.This Development can be noted from various sources, among these sources the countryside itself has a lot to demonstrate.

Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya (Bihar):

The Maha Bodhi Temple is spread over 4.86 hectares of area, has a great archeological and cultural importance. It was built by Emperor Ashoka in 260 B.C.  At this place Gautam Buddha was enlightened in 531 B.C. After this Buddha started spreading his knowledge of Buddhism across the world. The peace of the place attracts masses from all over the world.

Red Fort (Delhi):

The charm of the Hindu and Islamic architecture will astound you. The museums and the various spots with in the Fort made up of Red Marble will tell you the story of time, Delhi the national capital has gone through.

Ajanta and Ellora (Maharashtra):

“the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting” as quoted by Archaeological Survey Of India.The caves have Hindu and Jain temples along with Buddhist Caves. The caves explain the excellent architecture and the master piece of the wall paintings.

Elephanta Caves (Maharashtra):

Go through Gateway Of India , head to Elephanta for another unique place as the Shiva temple has been made from carving the rocks and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Elephanta name has been given by a portugese after an elephant shaped rock. The benchmark is the extraordinary work on rock which explains the rich art of the ancient India.

Champaner (Gujrat):

An excellent place which has witnessed the glorious dynasties of Rajputs, mainly chauhan and Solanki clans. Breathtaking view and scenic architecture will leave your mouth open.  Lots of ancient gates and masjids are waiting to be praised.

Mahabalipuram (Tamilnadu):

Beautified by the Pallava Kings, named after the incident of killing of the demon king Mahabali by Lord Vishnu, the place is a great example of the ancient rich assets of Indian glorious art. The rock cut caves and the work of cutting the single rock to develop in the temple is a never miss thing.

Sun Temple (Konark):

You might have seen Lord Suryadev(Sun) riding a chariot in the serials on television, there is a chance to see the same  thing portrayed in rocks and stones. The Sun has been considered as a divine power and is worshipped as God in the Hindu rituals. This temple is dedicated to Lord Suryadev. The chariot having 12 pairs of wheels representing 12 months and the 7 horses representing the sun rays is a must watch.

TajMahal, Churchs of Goa, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Hempisamy many more countless places. But explore the given ones and let the fog of Indian Culture engulf you.