Adventure Tourist Spots In India

It is said that EVERYTHING CHANGES EXCEPT THE CHANGE. This is a universal fact and is applicable at everything. A plant become a tree, a kid becomes man, so with the passage of time everything tends to change. But one thing is there which denies the term-CHANGE and that is the lust of mankind towards the adventure. From ancient time to till date people are excited about the adventure and this tendency has turned them to explore the adventure in various activities like bungee jumping, trekking, parasailing and under water sports etc.

Some of the Indian places are very popular for the adventure sports. The brief narration has been given under:


Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)-

The adventure like Bungee jumping, River rafting and camping etc. have opened new  horizons for people who comes to Rishikesh for such activities. River rafting in the Ganga, Bungee jumping from a considerable height will definitely make the nerves loose control.


Imagine the current of a 350cc or more power in Leh&Ladakh. When it comes about the bike adventure across the valleys and mountains, the scenic beauty of Ladakhand  the company of your best buddies will astonish you.


Goa is always ready to welcome especially in case of water adventures. The crazy and heavy-breath taking board surfing and other water activities will never left your hunger of adventure unfed. Goa offers you everything you have heard about. Just Take a leave and let Goa do the rest.


Why not explore the countryside of such cliffs? Grab your kit and with the best company of your closed ones, try to explore the tiny villages in Lahul-Spiti, pass the night in the tents, get the countryside clicked in your DSLR.


Slide on the Ice of Gulmarg. The Nerve Shivering experience is waiting for you. Your office will survive without you but the risk and adventure of passing the ice sheets of Gulmarg is worth your colleagues feel jealous of you.


Enjoy the height of more than 1200 meters tied with a 5 point  rope hold while the rope is swinging you up and down. Neemrana gives you the chance to feel adrenaline within you in the Aravali range. Feel the gravity and the anti-gravity at the same time working together.

Andaman & Nicobar-

Let the fishes glare at you. Yes you heard right. Andaman & Nicobar has the underwater life exploration for you. Go over the coral and in the clear water here and enjoy the scuba diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.